Bosen is born

The corporate venture begins with BOSEN funding as a real estate intermediary.

The 60s and 80s:

The years of housing development

In 1960 a real estate development era begins. Over the next three decades BOSEN develops 26 residential promotions and builds 930 houses in the Barcelona area.

The late 80s:

A head start in the industrial sector

The business is diversified, developing industrial facilities in the Vallés Occidental area, a key industrial hub in Barcelona.

Today we are INNAVIA

More than 30 years focusing on the exploitation of industrial assets have brought us to this day. Today, we are going through a stage of growth and consolidation, where the second and third generations are taking the lead. The core of the business resides on the management of industrial/logistic warehouses and the development of care homes projects. Today we are INNAVIA.

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